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January 11, 2007

Captain Moroni’s Plan for a Victory in Iraq

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I watched Bush’s new plan for Iraq, followed by the critiques, and I have to say I was disappointed with what everybody said, including the critics. I’m afraid Bush is mistaken … sending more troops with the same old strategy is not enough. It will help, but rebuilding the infrastructure faster only works if the infrastructure stays in the hands of the Iraqi people. I wish it did work, but “if you think what you’ve always thought, you’ll get what you’ve always got”, and we’ve been losing.

Pelosi is wrong too … merely sending more money while trying to “bring our boys home” with a blind eye to the consequences … things will only get worse. You can NOT have all our boys all home and have a surviving Iraq at the same time. What’s worse: Iraq is the litmus for global terrorism. The world IS watching. Duh!? And many of those watching are budding terrorists.

In short, we need a BETTER strategy against terrorism. Especially against a terrorist network that seriously threatens the existence of democracy. One that’s worked before. One that will work again.

What if I told you that modern terrorism was foretold over 2000 years ago in a record that surfaced in the early 1800s? What if I told you that it also gave a detailed account how to effectively defeat terrorism by strategy? What if I told you that the record itself documented how a group of people did it (after years and years of doing it the wrong way, like us)? What if the record claimed that entire purpose of the record was to help out a freedom-loving-people in the “last days” (our time) who would experience the same things as they experienced?

Regardless what you think about the Book of Mormon there’s one thing that’s obvious: It’s contains remarkable parallels with our current situation and it provides stunningly insightful solutions, especially to this situation.

In the Book of Mormon the terrorists from 2000+ years ago are called Gadianton Robbers. They have a secret society, built up for the sole purpose of personal gain at the expense of others. They live double lives, appearing as law-abiding citizens in daylight, and thieving murders at night to forward their own selfish causes. In many cases their members were part of an old aristocracy that has suffered when the public embraces sound moral principles and adopts a system of accountable judges instead of untouchable kings (sound familiar?).   At one point during the blooming democracy the secret criminals call themselves the “Kingmen” and demand an end to democracy, while their foes are are called the “Freemen” and the public debate is fierce.  Does that sound familiar – a public debate on the value of democracy in Iraq?

This is when they cause an insurgency and a war – even a sectarian war of sorts with religion playing a major part (freedom of religion vs. no freedom of religion). The result of this brings the criminals out into the public eye and they unite themselves with unsavory characters outside the city walls and start spending more time away from the city to foster their plans of destruction than within the city. During this time Captain Moroni, a military officer, raises a title of liberty that says “for our children, for our wives, for our god and for nation” during which time most of the king-men are driven out away from the city and it is at this time they are called the “Gadianton Robbers” (led by a master-of-secrecy, named Gadianton).

The murderous robbers are a festering problem that just gets worse. They threaten the survival of the entire civilization, and at one point it appears their numbers are greater than that of the law abiding citizens – and they nearly succeed in destroying the city. Their tactics seem all too familiar with us today. For example, doing most of their damage by waiting for people to leave the city to get food, and then they attack them (similarly, 90% of Coalition troop deaths have also occurred by roadside bombs).

Does any of this sound familiar? Then read on.

Moroni tries all kinds of things. One thing he learns won’t work is to fight them on their territory – the loss of life on his side is too great. Sound familiar? So he changes his tactics (novel concept – changing tactics if they fail). Essentially he commands his people to gather all the food they possibly can and store it into their main city, and then he builds a wall around the city (now I’m kind of blurring the time-line here, but that’s not important). Nobody goes in or out of the city – neither should they need to because they are up to thier gills in food.

Funny thing about terrorists … they’re ecologically stupid. They don’t know how to farm. Moroni’s people pretty much gleaned the foliage anyway of all it’s sustenance and stored it in the city, enough to subsist for years. So what do you think happened to the terrorists? They starved. Moroni would then bait and hook them – sending small battalions outside the city walls for a gander, after-which the ex-pulsed resurgents would attempt to attack. Of course, they were starving, and in no shape to fight, and were easy fodder for Moroni’s men. This went on until the Gadianton robbers pretty much dwindled to nothing.

Now, it didn’t stop there. Moroni exercises a twist to the starvation tactic -and a very significant one. Many robbers then united with another nation and inspired the other nation to go to war against Moroni’s people (sound familiar?). It was bloody, and the terrorists were so deft at war that they were made captains in the armies of the other nations (can you say Al Quaeda officers?). As a result, with their knowledge of Moroni’s tactics, and using the strength of the other nation they were successful at overtaking many cities leaving an amazing path of wonton destruction wherever they go. In response, Moroni started building great walls around the cities to make a safe havens. Now here’s the clever tactic: when a city is taken by the enemy (in some cases Moroni freely gave it up for this purpose) Moroni simply surrounds the city until they run out of food. He doesn’t fight them – he just picks them off as they try to leave to get food. Either the enemy gives up from starvation, or they try to fight their way out to food. Either way, it works. Even terrorists need food and water to survive.

Give up an empty city, let the terrorists invade it. Let the terrorists die of starvation. Go back and re-inhabit the city.

Okay now, back to today. There are other strategies Moroni provided us, but the one with food, and these sealed off safety zones are very significant and aren’t being adequately used in Iraq. I’m sure such things have been discussed, and have been exercised to a limited degree, but severe implementation has been dismissed for one reason or another – most likely because it would be inconvenient and the Iraqi people wouldn’t like it. Therein lies one of our biggest mistakes: the mistake of pretending life in a war zone can be and should be convenient. We are trying too hard to maintain a standard of normalcy in the free areas, and that is allowing the enemy to mix in among the Iraqi citizens. Those aren’t safe areas! They aren’t safe. Quit pretending that they are – or you’re aiding the enemy.

Let’s call a spade a spade and realize that if we want to destroy the enemy then we have to isolate them, like Moroni did. That means making some sacrifices in the coalition controlled areas. It means doing as Moroni did to drive the insurgents into the public view by demanding that everyone raise a title of liberty. Those who don’t raise the title must be driven out. Then resources can be controlled to weaken the enemy and strengthen the coalition.

The use of walls is very significant. We know Fallujah is the #1 stronghold. Seal it off (think West Berlin but in reverse: don’t go inside). Give the insurgents their own medicine: don’t let anyone enter or leave. People need food to survive. These are bomb-makers, not farmers. They will die eventually. It may take years, but if we keep them in Fallujah then they won’t be bothering anyone in the meantime.

In short, we’ve seen that the tightening of security in the states has been successful. We’ve successfully battled the war on terror in the homeland by making it a safe-zone. We need to do this same thing in Iraq, and that will require some drastic changes to the existing free citizens, but this is war. They’ll be safe and right now that’s what’s most important. It will mean the city declaring certain existing areas as being safety zones – and sealing off those parts of the city. This will result in a total evacuation of some cities, and crowded (however well supplied) other cities. The off-limit cities will be left alone, except that no food will be allowed in them. None. Period. People need food and water to survive.

If they want food – they must make an oath, and will be placed in a special safety zone where they cannot mix with the bulk of the people until the war is over.

Lastly – the Title of Liberty: Raise it for the Iraqi people. This war will either be won or lost in the battle of the air waves and it’s ridiculous that we’ve been loosing the airwaves. This is war, and in war “right-to-arms” doesn’t apply to the enemy – and what stronger weapon is there than the airwaves?! Since when did freedom of speech apply to the enemy who is trying to kill that freedom? Jam their signals. Raise among the Iraqi’s a radio-based title of liberty “for our children, for our wives, for our nation, for our right to worship according to our own dictates”. We have the technology. We can air drop millions of radios that tune only to a certain station, and jam certain Al Jezeer programs or any other station that promotes terrorism.

You don’t have to be LDS, or even subscribe to it’s doctrines to see the wisdom of Moroni’s strategies. Whether you think he was real or that he and his parallels with today were just an amazingly lucky guess on Joseph Smith’s part, you have to admit – he knew how to fight terrorists. Now, let’s fight. For we have a better cause: “Our wives, our children, our country, and our freedoms”. Raise the title among the Iraqi’s. Nothing could be more viral.


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